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UBC Students Being Christian “Out Loud”

~ Motivated by God’s Holy Spirit of Generosity to meet local needs.


10:00 am on Wednesdays! Bible Study, Mission projects, fellowship and fun! Bring $10.00 for lunch and bring swimwear. For detailed Summer Schedules, please contact our office [703.256.5900] or Twyla for details. Calendar is also published in The Vision Newsletter and Sunday Bulletins.  



Wouldn’t You Like to Be Engrossed in the HOLY amid the Secular? Our Students are Learning to Encounter God’s Holy Attitudes through

Their Leadership of UBC Mission Projects! This month we will be collecting SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

The reality of social inequality affords another opportunity to meet mutual needs within our community. 

UBC congregants and Mission Center partners collaborate to help every summer. This year, during the month of July, our Students will collect school supplies to be given to local elementary school students whose families have difficulty providing them with the necessary items. A list is on the News n’ Do’s Bulletin Board. Please help them by watching for school supplies sales, “no sales tax” days, and other bargains such as backpacks already stuffed with school supplies. Remember that these supplies are for families “on hard times” with elementary students! Bring your purchases to the Fellowship Hall for delivery ASAP. There will be marked boxes for collection in the Fellowship Hall. Thank you, now doesn't that feel good?!

Suncatchers for Shut-ins

Our students have undertaken a new mission project to meet the needs of people who are shut-ins in their homes. They are painting and processing 200 summer themed suncatchers that will then be delivered to people who are not able to get out and enjoy nature. It is hoped that these colorful little window hangings will bring some cheer and joy to those who receive them. If you know someone who might benefit from one or two of these little items, please see Twyla with their name and address and we will make every effort to see that they receive a small gift of cheer. 

Box Tops for Education Mission Project

The Youth of UBC are still collecting “box tops” for their on-going mission project.  This project doesn’t cost anyone anything, except a minute of your time.  All you need to do is to check on the labels or boxes of items that you normally purchase to see if they have a pink “Box Tops for Education” label.  If so, just cut the label off of the item and bring it to church any time.  There is a pink box in the Fellowship Hall, in which to drop the labels.  Each label we collect is worth $.10 to the school that receives it.  The labels can be used to purchase playground equipment, supplies, or computers for the school which turns them in.  We are currently collecting for the Amerikids Preschool located in our church building. 

Hygiene Kits for the HomeleSS

Our Students continue to collect travel size soaps, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste and toothbrushes to make hygiene kits for distribution at the Bailey’s Crossroads Shelter.  Please remember to collect these items at hotels when you are traveling and bring them back to donate for our project.  Thank you for helping us help our less fortunate neighbors.


June 2017

As you may have read in The Vision, our young people have been working on making about 200 summer themed sun-catchers for the past month.  They recently completed this part of their mission project. The second part of the project is to distribute these small gifts. They will work on this during the summer. This is a tangible demonstration of our UBC Students’ spiritual gifts of kindness. Their actions reached out to fill a need to those who are often forgotten within our community, with a Holy Spirit attitude. 

April/May 2017

Our Students helped with Palm Sunday and Easter. They served an amazing breakfast Easter morning for the church, family and friends. On May 14, they helped to distribute small gifts to Mothers and all women in our congregation. Also, students are collecting Box Tops for Education. See the project above.

March 2017

During the month of March, our students created St. Patrick’s Day room decorations for part of their mission project. These decorations included wall hangings and sun-catchers.

The second part of their mission project was to distribute these small gifts to some residents of the Golden Living Center, a nursing home just down Columbia Pike from our church.

This is a tangible demonstration of our UBC Students’ spiritual gifts of kindness. Their actions reached out to fill a need to those who are often forgotten within our community, with a Holy Spirit attitude.

February 2017

The contributions of The United Baptist Church were recognized at the monthly ACCA Board Meeting. Our students delivered over 350 pounds of food in 10 bags. There were 229 items. Our February Communion Benevolent Offering raised $265.00, and was donated to ACCA as well. This is one tangible demonstration of our church and UBC Students’ spiritual gifts of generosity. Their initiative empowered you to fill community needs in with a Holy Spirit attitude. 

Also, our students baked and decorated Valentine’s Day cookies as their mission project.

The second part of their mission project was to deliver their creations to the local Police and Fire stations. This is a tangible demonstration of our UBC Students’ spiritual gifts of love.

Their actions reached out to fill a need of giving thanks in recognition of these public safety workers and the risks they encounter on a daily basis to keep our community safe, with a Holy Spirit Attitude.