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Let us briefly tell you who we are and about our Christian theology in Annandale, Virginia:

Many hope God exists perhaps as a “First Responder,” and many believe God exists as an idea! But God as only a hope or as an idea is easy to lose or reject.

We UBC congregants are coming to understand how God can be seen and felt in routine personal and work experiences if we observe the Biblically assigned Holy spiritual attitudes of patience, kindness, generosity and gentleness that people use to relate with each other as well as with the material world. You surely already realize how to experience this absolute reality that is labeled “God”. It is “wired” into each human being. An experience of God this way changes God from only a hope or idea to reality.

As you explore our website please notice our “UBC Mission Center” (under the “Missions” tab). Throughout the week, we share our building with community organizations which demonstrate the Holy spiritual attitudes listed above. Through Mission Center partners and activities, we experience and share the reality of God with others, as we help fill daily social human needs.

We welcome you to help us experience the reality that is God through relationship and service. If you would prefer to meet or have a conversation, it would be my privilege to respond. Call or email me for more information about our Christian theology in 

Annandale, Virginia.

Rev. Pamela (Pam) Moyer

Senior Minister


    (message previously authored by Dr. J. Wayne Yawn)

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