The United Baptist Church

The United Baptist Church

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Congregant and Friends Monthly Family Breakfast 

Saturday, July 22nd, 9:30 a.m.

Bentley’s Diner

6654 Arlington Blvd.

Falls Church, VA 22042

(703) 532-4100

Dutch Treat

Contact Reverend Turner for Details

Experience the Rewards of Joy, Peace, Kindness and Loyalty

of Being WITH Each Other


Wouldn’t You Like to Be Engrossed in the HOLY amid the Secular?

Our Students are Learning to Encounter God’s Holy Attitudes through

Their Leadership of UBC Mission Projects!

This month we will be collecting SCHOOL SUPPLIES

The reality of social inequality affords another opportunity to meet mutual needs within our community. 

UBC congregants and Mission Center partners collaborate to help every summer. This year, during the month of July, our Students will collect school supplies to be given to local elementary school students whose families have difficulty providing them with the necessary items. A list is on the News n’ Do’s Bulletin Board. Please help them by watching for school supplies sales, “no sales tax” days, and other bargains such as backpacks already stuffed with school supplies. Remember that these supplies are for families “on hard times” with elementary students! Bring your purchases to the Fellowship Hall for delivery ASAP. There will be marked boxes for collection in the Fellowship Hall. Thank you, now doesn't that feel good?!

The Season of 


When Humans Began Being


using the

Power of


by God’s Holy Attitudes of


To be with People in


[the Source: Galatians 5:22-23]


Our Vision: We seek to develop an intentional relationship with God as in Jesus so that our lives demonstrate the transforming effect and supreme importance of such a relationship for us, our society, and our world. 

Our Mission: Our mission is to reflect Christ's attitudes and behaviors by being:
  • Conscious of Christ in every aspect of life;
  • Disciplined to grow in Christ;
  • Accountable ultimately to God as revealed in Christ;
  • Committed to promote Christ in our church, society and world;
  • Inclusive in building relationships the world over; and 
  • Intentional about calling others to join us in this mission.