The United Baptist Church

The United Baptist Church

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Congregant and Friends Monthly

Family Breakfast

Saturday, January 20th, 9:30 a.m.

Anthony’s Restaurant

3000 Annandale Road
Falls Church, VA 22042
Dutch treat

Contact Reverend Turner for Details

Start the New Year in Fellowship, while Experiencing the Rewards of Kindness, Joy, Loyalty, & Self-Control!

Quarterly Membership Meeting

Sunday, January 21st

Following a Finger Foods Luncheon at 12:15 pm

Share Your Favorite Finger Foods with Congregants

To Experience God’s Spirit of Kindness and Generosity

To be Prepared By the Atmosphere Created by these Attitudes to

Experience Them Again As

We Discuss and Negotiate Our Ministries to Persons


In the event that inclement weather forces us to cancel Sunday services, we will change the message on the answering machine at the church so that you may call after 7:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. If you get the normal message (no mention of services being canceled) it means that the services will be held as scheduled. If services are canceled or altered, there will be a message explaining the change. If we cancel other events, we will make every effort to contact those we think might be present, but we will also put a message on the answering machine. We will also put up a status update on the Facebook page and our website Home page. While your presence is always meaningful, the fact that we may be having worship services in inclement weather does not mean that you have to be here if it is not safe for you to do so. Please be wise – and safe!

Our Vision: We seek to develop an intentional relationship with God as in Jesus so that our lives demonstrate the transforming effect and supreme importance of such a relationship for us, our society, and our world. 

Our Mission: Our mission is to reflect Christ's attitudes and behaviors by being:
  • Conscious of Christ in every aspect of life;
  • Disciplined to grow in Christ;
  • Accountable ultimately to God as revealed in Christ;
  • Committed to promote Christ in our church, society and world;
  • Inclusive in building relationships the world over; and 
  • Intentional about calling others to join us in this mission.