The United Baptist Church

The United Baptist Church

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Christians Observe The Season of LENT as a Time of Mental and Spiritual Preparation For Easter.

Lent “Carries the Spiritual ‘Load’ of Strengthening Mental and Spiritual ‘Muscles’ For Daily Struggle to Respond to Human NEEDS as Saints rather than Sinners-Holy rather than Unholy Beings.

To further develop our Discipleship “muscles” this Lenten Season we will make available to you starting February 18th at the Gallery Hallway Sanctuary entrance “Table Tents” from Bread for the World—the Christian Organization you will surely remember from previous partnerships with them. Each “Tent” is for your dining table and provides Scriptures, prayers and actions on each tent-fold for you to use to strengthen your mental and spiritual muscles to help eliminate physical hunger.

The Month of February

We will collect non-perishable food throughout the month of February, giving us the opportunity to continue to meet the needs of the hungry, homeless and those in poverty in our own community. The Students are leading this Mission Project and have decided to give to the ACCA Food Pantry, in need of donations this time of year. In the past, Westlawn Elementary School and the ACCA Food Pantry have been grateful recipients.

Please Participate!

You will feel the joy, serenity and generosity of need-meeting.

Over 59,000 (2015) Residents of Fairfax County Experience Food Insecurity

You Can Help Fill This Need!

Our Vision: We seek to develop an intentional relationship with God as in Jesus so that our lives demonstrate the transforming effect and supreme importance of such a relationship for us, our society, and our world. 

Our Mission: Our mission is to reflect Christ's attitudes and behaviors by being:
  • Conscious of Christ in every aspect of life;
  • Disciplined to grow in Christ;
  • Accountable ultimately to God as revealed in Christ;
  • Committed to promote Christ in our church, society and world;
  • Inclusive in building relationships the world over; and 
  • Intentional about calling others to join us in this mission.